Q: 請問有實體店面嗎?

A: 有的!【民六九家居】的確擁有一處極其低調展示間:台中市西區西屯路一段147之13號。平時不開放參觀,但如果您執意要來,那我們隨時歡迎。

2010年4月21日 星期三

【Joint】Introduction about 《Connect》

The concept in this bench is to remind people about the old time, the time we tightly linked to each other and concerned each other. For me, "The Bench" can be used to cross the gap between old Chinese culture and the new generation. This bench is an idea of the communication between "People & People", "Past & Future". I tried to put the spirit of Taiwan into this product that called "the perfection of imperfection".

Keep the original form of bench but developed into a concept to create a space for connection. All object made by traditional tongue-and-groove joint, and tried to push our traditional technique and spirit move forward. 

2008 Milano salon Exhibition
2008 Taiwan International Furniture Show
2007 Taiwan Designers Week 

2008 Milano Salon Exhibition
2007 Taiwan Designers Week
The chair is not completed until someone sit on it,